Who we are?

CHARISMA is not a gift, is a tool. Charisma Design is your ONE STOP SHOP business tool!
When you need to attract attention, bright vibrant graphics it’s not enough.You need a remarkable logo, a remarkable website mobile ready and certainly a remarkable 360 degree photography or virtual tours, preferably in one place.

Charisma Design is an advertising agency, specialised in branding, web design and signage, located in Waterford. We work with local businesses, but we have happy and satisfied clients in the whole of Ireland. Charisma Design is founded by Sorin Saarba, a professional who has more than 20 years experience in advertising, web design and ad production. He is leading a team of very experienced professionals and partners specialised in graphic design, web design and signage production.

Use Charisma Design as your business tool!

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