Facebook Context Button

Facebook Context Button By Charisma Design The context button on Facebook is intended to provide more background and information on the publishers and links that appear in News Feed so that people can make their own decisions about what to read, trust, and share.In the News Feed, the context button appears alongside links that have […]

Instagram. You Just Don’t Get It

Instagram. You just don’t get it By Charisma Design Instagram. You’re simply not getting it. Unless you’re under the age of 45, it’s likely that this remark applies to you as well. It seems that there is a significant age disparity among those who use social media platforms, according to new data from Statista. Of […]

Brand development

Brand development By Charisma Design A Brand describes much more than just a company’s logo. A company’s brand should reflect the company’s corporate values and personality and should be strong enough to stand the test of time. A strong brand should help to differentiate your company from your competitors and build confidence in your company […]

Excellence Windows chose Charisma Design as a partner for their international expansion

Excellence Windows chose Charisma Designas a partner for their international expansion By Charisma Design I am thrilled to announce Charisma Design have been successfully nominated for the Excellence Windows to develop a brand identity and a mobile friendly website for their international expansion starting with the Romanian market. They are awarded to be the unique Palladio […]

A new van graphics completed

A new van graphics completed By Charisma Design Excellence Windows, www.excellencewindows.ie is a company founded by Traian Buia, a young and energetic entrepreneur from Kilkenny. They ask Charisma Design to design an eye-catching van signage to get attention from their potential customers able to turn it into revenue! Traian Buia from Excellence Windows consider that van signage was his best investment […]

Vehicle graphics the cheapest investment in promotion

Vehicle graphics the chepeast investment in promotion By Charisma Design A new van signage completed for DS Transport & Logistics, an express courier from Dublin to the South Est.  They wanted a unique van signage design, simple, clear, effective which Charisma Design delivered in 10 days. Delivery from Dublin to the South Est is cheap, fast and […]

A bunch of docket books 3 part NCR

A bunch of docket books 3 part NCR By Charisma Design Prestiglass, www.prestiglass.ie is a brand new company founded by Pawel Wisniewski in Mayo, who ask Charisma Design to work for them in their new project. Prestiglass is a company specialised in glass panels, splashbacks, glass painting ang glass printing and Charisma Design offered his printing services for their […]

McStump, a brand new visual identity

McStump, a brand new visual identity By Charisma Design We worked on a very exciting project, a brand new visual identity, a new logo design,  for a brand new company based in Waterford area, McStump. The project includes logo design and a brand development, included collaterals, vehicle signage, exhibition signage and a company website ( www.mcstump.ie – […]

Ian Kelly Electrical mobile-friendly website project has been awarded to Charisma Design

Ian Kelly Electrical mobile friendly website projecthas been awarded to Charisma Design By Charisma Design Charisma Design has been awarded a contract for the Ian Kelly Electrical Ltd’s brand new mobile friendly website. They are a privately owned company, with the head office in Dublin. The company is unique in its wide range of electrical services. Ian is […]

UsiPalladio.ro was successfully concluded

UsiPalladio.ro was successfully concluded By Charisma Design Summer months are nearly gone and we overcame all the challenges, delivering a new winning solution for our loyal client, Excellence Windows from Kilkenny. An amazing visual identity and a brilliant mobile friendly website for the Romanian market, UsiPalladio.ro, was successfully concluded these days.