1. Brass, stainless steel, aluminium and bronze business plaques

Traditional engraved nameplates are available in brass, stainless steel, anodised aluminium and bronze. We can supply these business plaques with a solid hardwood or PVC mount. For low maintenance brass why not enquire about stove lacquering. Suitable for long term outdoor use.

Widely used in the medical professions, doctors, dentists and opticians as well as a company, solicitor, accountant and house name plates, commemorative and memorial plaques.












Ideally suited for either interior or exterior use it is a durable material that will not need regular cleaning. Just wipe with a damp cloth occasionally to maintain its appearance.

Nameplate fixings, either screws or self-adhesive, are supplied with all nameplates when requested. Larger nameplates (from 20 x 15 cm) are supplied with domed or flat covers to the screws, we do not recommend self-adhesive for these sizes.

Wooden base fixings, screws and universal wall plugs are supplied with all hardwood bases. We recommend a using a minimum of three fixings to avoid warping.

When ordering a business plaque with a wooden base the business plaque will be supplied fixed to the base. The business plaque will need to be removed from the base prior to fitting.


2. Acrylic & Glass business plaques, for outdoor & indoor










For enquiry, quotation or order for business plaque please send an e-mail at sales@charismadesign.ie.

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