Model 2
- 3D Letters with Acrylic Face -

Put your business back in the spotlight with our outdoor 3D Letters with Acrylic Face!

A channel letter is a kind of 3D sign. It’s usually made from a type of metal that doesn’t rust, like aluminum. This metal is cut into the shape of a letter by a computer. The cut piece forms the back and shape of the letter.

The translucent front-lit channel letter with a 10mm acrylic face allows illumination to appear from the front side ideal for big, bold shapes and lettering.

3D channel lettering is a great signage solution that can be found in any range of colours, sizes, finishes and materials (foamex, acrylic, stainless steel, cooper)  and is a common choice for grocery stores, restaurants, and retailers seeking to enhance brand recognition.

The minimum beam thickness of letters can be 30mm. The minimum depth is 70mm

Front: 3-10mm Opal Acrylic Face
Return: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Bras, Cooper, (Corten) Steel
Back: Aluminium
Lighting: Frontlit LED illumination

The minimum beam thickness of letters can be 10mm. The minimum depth is 20mm up to 150mm

The installation is followed by screwing the body part to the wall and then the front cover to the body.

Based on the request, the letters can be sent mounted on a frame (rail) or aluminum case.

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Formats: jpg, jpeg, png, eps, psd, pdf, doc, zip. Max. Size 8Mb

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