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You only have one chance to make a great first impression.

Looking for fresh ideas for shop signs or storefront signage?

Quality Shop Front signs attract new customers, brand your location and turn foot traffic into sales.

We have Shop Front solutions for all industries.

From concept, right through to installation, we’ll work with you to deliver a shop front sign that’s both eye-catching and welcoming. For more information on what we can offer your business, browse our products below.

How much does a shop front sign cost?

How much do storefront signs cost?
Typically, the pricing for a small shop front, effective signage options start from €1000. For large shop fronts and premium results, it’s not unusual to spend up to €15,000, depending on factors such as size, materials we use, illuminated or not-illuminated, and whether you are responsible for the installation or we handle it for you and at what height the sign has to be installed. Call today to arrange a free quote.

Tips for caring for your signage

Check the cleanliness of your shop front signs regularly. You don’t need to clean them often, but a yearly cleaning can help prevent them from looking dull due to dirt buildup.

Hints on designs that work best

Consider your target audience: pedestrians or drivers? Determine your sign’s main goal. 3D lettering boosts branding, while printed graphics excel at sharing info such as phone numbers.

See Your Shop Front Options:

Vinyl Lettering Sign

A shop sign made from vinyl letters

Crafted using self-adhesive printed or solid-coloured vinyl stuck on the existing back. Perfect for budget-conscious startups or temporary pop-up ventures.

Price Guide: €350 – €800

Fascia Signs

A shop sign made from a flat panel.

A flat panel sign is essentially a sheet of flat metal panel with ether vinyl or 3D lettering to face. This sign style enjoys widespread popularity among salon, hair, and beauty businesses.

Price Guide: €500 – €1900+

Aluminum Box

A shop sign made from Dibond

A popular shopfront signage choice, aesthetically better than a flat panel, as there are numerous ways to enhance a folded tray beyond simple graphics on its face.

We are well-equipped to provide all these options:

1) 3D Stand Off Lettering (Built Up or Flat Cut).
2) Fret-Cut Letters Lightbox
3) Flat Cut Lettering applied flat to box face.
4) Combination of the above.

Price Guide: €500 – €2900+

Foam 3D Lettering

It offers a highly cost-effective substitute for 3D metal lettering.

Crafted from a high-density polyurethane board in 10mm and 19mm thick options, it is lightweight, sturdy, and built to withstand guaranteeing the elements an extended lifespan with minimal maintenance required.

They are directly mounted to the surface or elevated by 10-20mm using plastic locators. To use the locators, the letters need to be a certain width. The letters need to have a width of 15mm or more.

Price Guide: €500 – €1900+

Flat Cut Lettering

From charming brushed aluminium composite, white or gold acrylic or simple white PVC , flat cut letters are cut precisely by a CNC router or laser cutter from a sheet of Dibond, PVC or acrylic. They are attached to the front of the shop using plastic locators to the reverse of the letters. This creates a slight gap (10 mm) between the letters and the wall, providing a sense of dimension to the overall appearance.

Price Guide: €500 – €2500+

Foam 3D Lettering with Halo Lit Effect

Add an extra dimension to your business

The most popular shopfront sign we produce. 3D Letters made from foam PVC with a back carved channel filled with waterproofed and 4 years-guaranteed LED modules give a fabulous soft glow shining out of the back like a halo of light.

Stand out from the crowd with our Foam 3D letters with HALO effect!

Price Guide: €1500 – €3000+

Fret Cut Sign LIGHTBOX

The most popular and fast in-production model of a lightbox and also one of the most affordable illuminated signs is stencil-cut aluminium composite coloured boxes backed with coloured acrylic which is then illuminated by LED modules within the light box.

A stencil-cut lightbox is a cost effective way to give your business a fresh new look 24 hours a day.

Bespoke Sizes & Custom Designs available. We offer friendly customer service with design skills.

Price Guide: €500 – €2000+

3D Build Up Letters

Using the latest 3D letter production technology allows us to produce the most imaginative and complex dimensional shapes, fabricated from Aluminium or Stainless Steel and Acrylic and available in a wide range of finishes.

Rimless 3D letters are manufactured with an 3-4mm acrylic face and 60mm, 80mm or 100mm deep aluminium or stainless steel returns, we can create even the most elaborated and complex shapes

Price Guide: €2000 – €5000+

Illuminated Flex Face  Lightboxes

Available in illuminated and non-illuminated options

It's an innovative signage solution flex face lightbox is great for large format signage as it can be printed up to 5m wide with your desired graphics. It's a fantastic way to increase brand visibility both day and night. Often favoured by retail parks and industrial estates, illuminated flex face signs are a simple, yet high-impact option for outdoor signs.

It also offers an alternative to acrylic-faced light boxes, which can be unsafe at large sizes. Flex face signage is great for all weather conditions.

The PVC banner – known as the “skin” is specifically printed for backlit applications to allow for the LEDs to illuminate the banner graphic from edge to edge.

Price Guide: €2000 – €10 000+

Industrial & Warehouse Signs

We excel in serving business parks, factories, warehouses, and industrial complexes.

We meticulously match and integrate materials and manufacturing processes for optimal results.

Often the size and placement of signs can pose challenges. However, our team is well-prepared to handle these situations. Each member of our installation technicians team has undergone thorough training, including working at heights, scaffold use, and lift access. This ensures that we can safely deliver the best sign systems for our clients.

Charisma Design offers both standard regulatory signs and custom-made signs to guarantee the safety and protection of you and your staff.

Get in touch with us on +353 (0)89 233 4552

Price Guide: €2000 – €20 000+

Picking a sign maker for your shopfront sign

With regards to picking a shop front sign maker, our advice is to look at their online customer reviews and see what customers are saying about them.

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