The easiest way  to be viewed in traffic or along city streets or sidewalks.

Banner Brackets are a great way to make your advertising stand out! Post banner brackets are typically used for exterior projects, but could be applied indoors where banner brackets for poles are needed.

Wall mounted metalcraft banner brackets can be purchased in pairs, designed to pull a banner taut between two poles, or in single bracket designs where the top of heavier banners pulls over a mounting pole with a decorative weight at the bottom to provide stretch. Brackets can also be purchased with built in lighting fixtures for nighttime visibility.

Metalcraft Banner Brackets
Arm: 2 X 2cm square tube
Arm Length: 60 cm/24 in + ball 5cm
Material: Metal
Color: Black
Maximum banner size: 55x200cm

Metalcraft Banner Brackets


– Prices include Banner Brackets. No Banners! For Banners please visit PVC Banners page.
– Delivery time: 7-10 working days.
– For any other quantities, model or color, please ask a personalised quote to:
– Delivery is done by courier and it’s €14!
– Net prices (without VAT).


Regardless of which type of banner bracket you are using, it should be installed by a qualified, experienced person. Please also note, many city councils may have specific sign and banner regulations which dictate the maximum size of a banner, where and how a banner can be displayed.