Printed Wallpapers & Wall Graphics

Odorless prints ideal for hotels, restaurants, retail, hospitals, or homes.

Choose from a wide range of printed wallpapers – including photo wall murals, wall wraps,  and printed photo wallpapers, that are unique and give real personality to any space. 

We print wallpaper using certified HP Latex inks. These inks have been tested by appropriate certification bodies and approved for use inside homes, offices as well as in public buildings such as offices, schools, kindergartens and hospitals.

Printed wallpapers & wall graphics are ideal for branding, business advertising, retail signage, improving well-being, and engagement, motivational boost for gyms or schools, values displays or as home decoration and much more.

Printed wallpapers will stick to almost all smooth, flat indoor walls. 

See also Illuminated Signs or Raised 3D Lettering Signs.

In our offer you will find the most popular materials for printed wallpaper graphics:

Standard Wallpaper Smooth 
The most frequently chosen printing material is latex paper with reinforced fibers. This economical substrate can be glued with popular wallpaper adhesives.

 Self-Adhesive Wallpaper
The dedicated self-adhesive foil with extremely strong initial adhesive adhesion to the applied surfaces is also very popular. The foils can be additionally laminated, and thanks to this, the printed wallpapers will be much more resistant to mechanical damage. Moreover, such wallpaper responds well to washing with mild detergents, so it is easy to clean.

Self-Adhesive Wallpapers are ideal for long-term use, especially in busy places like schools, kindergartens, offices, and malls. Plus, when paired with a laminate, it can withstand heavy use.  

Self-Adhesive Fabric Wallpaper
Another quite popular version of the wallpaper we print is self-adhesive fabric. Its main feature is exceptional durability and easy sticking without air bubbles and the possibility of repositioning. Self-adhesive fabric is the queen of wallpaper for short and medium-term exposure. Especially in sales networks, shopping malls, during events and the composition of expo stands.



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Formats: jpg, jpeg, png, eps, psd, pdf, doc, zip. Max. Size 8Mb

Formats: jpg, jpeg, png, eps, psd, pdf, doc, zip. Max. Size 8Mb

PRICE: from €32/sqm

Our latex wallpaper is the most cost-effective wall decoration material. You can stick it on with most water-based adhesives available. This will allow you to reposition the glued panels in case of necessary corrections. Printed Wallpaper Smooth with an optional laminate is also a higher resistance to damage, and above all, a significantly extended life of the graphics. You can also wash the wallpaper protected in this way with mild cleaning agents.

Self-adhesive wallpaper with any print is a hit in interior decoration!

Self-adhesive wallpaper for schools, gym, fitness club and shopping malls.
Our self-adhesive wallpaper is printed on a special, dedicated vinyl. The material has an adhesive with extremely high adhesion and can therefore also be glued to more demanding surfaces. Self-adhesive wallpaper is a material intended for long-term use. In combination with a laminate, it will work in places exposed to intensive use. These are mainly schools, kindergartens, offices and shopping malls. Another advantage is the possibility of washing the wallpaper with a mild cleaning agent. Self-adhesive wallpaper with a laminate is also higher resistance to damage.

Self-adhesive walpaper fabric with custom design is a hit of interior decoration!
Wallpaper to size with any print will be perfect for many interiors. They look great in office space as well as in public institutions. They can also be a great decoration for a wall in a living room, kitchen or a spacious bedroom. Our clients most often stick wallpaper in companies, especially in conference rooms where training courses and business meetings are held. Printed self-adhesive fabric is a decorative element that effectively attracts attention and makes the interior look much more comfortable.

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