Rigid Signs

Rigid Signs Are An Ideal Cost Effective Solution For Outdoor High Impact Signs

Aluminium Or Dibond Signs

for durable long-term signage

PVC Board Signs

ideal for temporary outdoor signage solutions

Rigid Forex Signs

is great for advertising signs

Foam Signs

for indoor use, ideal different display types

Acrylic Glass

durable, elegant advertising signs, company signs

is the best and most durable solution for site construction advertising

From bustling trade shows to school projects or directional needs, rigid signs are also perfect for sidewalks, construction sites, or safety displays.

Rigid Signs are an unbeatable choice when seeking a cost-effective yet dynamic solution for outdoor visibility. These signs, designed for high impact, are robust and versatile, allowing for an easy installation in almost any situation. Whether you’re an auctioneer needing boards that capture attention, a construction company wanting to ensure site safety, or an event planner desiring directional signage, rigid signs are your go-to choice.

One of the distinguishing features of our Rigid Signs is the variety of materials we offer. Please choose between the resilient and sleek finish of Aluminium or DiBond, known for their longevity and resistance to weathering. For those desiring lightweight yet sturdy options, our Corrugated PVC and Forex are hard to beat, making them particularly well-suited for temporary displays like elections and short-term promotions. If you’re looking for a touch of sophistication, our Foam and Acrylic Glass variants offer a polished appearance, lending a professional aura to any setting.

In the fast-paced world of advertising and display, it’s crucial to select signage that not only conveys your message but also withstands the test of time. Rigid signs, with their strength and adaptability, ensure that your branding remains consistent, visible, and impressive. They are a preferred choice for businesses, schools, government bodies, and individuals who understand the significance of blending functionality with aesthetics.

Furthermore, given the variety in materials and sizes, you have the flexibility to customize your signage to perfectly match your needs. Whether it’s the durability of Aluminium, the lightweight nature of PVC, or the glossy finish of Acrylic Glass, with our collection, you’re bound to find the ideal solution for your advertising and display requirements.

In conclusion, RIGID SIGNS are more than just signs; they are a testament to quality, durability, and adaptability, tailored to make your message stand out, come rain or shine.


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Formats: jpg, jpeg, png, eps, psd, pdf, doc, zip. Max. Size 8Mb

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