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- Halo Lit 3D Letters & Logos -

Put your business back in the spotlight with our 3D backlit halo sign!

Bright 3D letters with a glow around them can make your signs and business place look really cool and eye-catching. Get A Quoute Today!

Manufactured in a similar process to face illuminated signage, with these items the illumination is cast on to the surface behind the feature to create a ‘halo’ effect, thus increasing the three-dimensional impact.

Halo illuminated letters are usually specified with white LEDs which feature a warm or cool white colour temperature.

Popular with hotels, spas, restaurants and other leisure facilities are wall mounted halo illuminated letters which pick out the detail of the wall surface to create attractive light and shadow effects.

Front: PVC/Forex, Aluminum Composite, Brass, Copper, (Corten) Steel
Return:  PVC Forex, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, (Corten) Steel
Back: Opal Acrylic

Minimum beam thickness of letters can be 20mm. The minimum depth is 30mm.

Based on the request, the letters can be sent mounted on an aluminum case/tray.

Take away all of the hassles and let our installation team complete the task for you.

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Formats: jpg, jpeg, png, eps, psd, pdf, doc, zip. Max. Size 8Mb

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